Steve Pastis, who along with his wife, April, moved to Visalia from Orange County in 2006, is a writer, editor, and publisher. He has written for the Valley Voice, The Good Life, Greek Accent, Farm News, Custom Boat & Engine, Baseball Cards, Circus, Rock Fever, Occidental Magazine, Destination Visalia, South Valley Networking, Hellenic Calendar, and Cool and Strange Music. His stories have been published in The Journal of Experimental Fiction, Signs of Life, and Gargoyle. Four of his short story collections, Fables for the Clarinet, Ten Good Reasons to Fix that Airplane, Elk and Penguin Stories, and Honey for the Cold War, are available on Amazon. His book publishing website is at

PLEASE NOTE: Steve is not the famous and talented cartoonist. If you saw his cartoons, you would understand this.

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P.O. Box 829

Visalia, CA 93292

Steve Pastis

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